An impact driver is a mechanical tool that employs an enormous amount of torque to loosen or tighten heavy screws, bolts or nuts that require some leverage. It is an advanced tool when compared to the traditional screw driver and even the electric screwdriver. It works on the principle of impact, but its main feature is that it eases up the pressure exerted by the operator. The outer sleeve can be struck with a hammer, so that the downward force translates into a turning force within the inner core, so as to work the bits attached to the socket. Therefore, it is not only easier for the operator but also much faster.

An impact drill uses an impact mechanism for efficient drilling of concrete or masonry. The mechanism consists of a cam arrangement and a spring loader chuck that is movable. There are two cammed discs of which one is attached to the actuator switch and the other is connected to a chuck shaft. When the impact or hammer action starts, the discs are come together, and while the chuck is rotating, the cammed surface pushes it forward and backward opposing the spring pressure. Thus, the hammer action is translated.  The drill bits comprise tungsten carbide tips, and the drill can be used on hard aggregate surfaces like brickwork and cement. It is available in several power ratings and works on power, as well as rechargeable batteries. The tips works like a chisel and chip away the material instead of cutting as in a conventional bit. The chips and the dust are moved away from the hole by a spiral drill shaft. With ratings from 250 watts to as high as 2,000 watts, these tools can drill over one-inch diameter. Rechargeable cordless models are handy and several models come with multi-speed settings to control the drill, mainly when beginning the drilling process. It is important to use eye protection asthis tool can generate huge quantities of tiny chips and dust particles.

The impact wrench also uses a hammering action that generates torque. It is a handy tool used to unscrew bolts that might have rusted and become almost immobile. It is positioned over the bolt and the other end is hit with a mallet or hammer. The perpendicular motion of the mallet is converted via a spring-and-prawl system into a sudden rotating motion at the bolt’s head. Bolts that otherwise need a lot of force can be removed without much effort. It is either manually operated or powered by electricity. A pneumatic wrench is works from power generated by an air compressor. A cordless impact wrench has an added advantage of portability with several sockets that fit into various nut sizes. It comes in models that can be plugged into the car.

These handy handtools can be used without making pilot holes and straining with too much pushing. Further, the great quantity of torque packed into the small body works efficiently in driving long screws using the unique impact action.

dewalt DCF815S2DeWalt DCF815S2 10.8V Impact Driver is a cordless model that comes with a front aluminum case to allow proper heat distribution, which in turn adds to the motor life. Its design is compact enough to work in small spaces and its construction ensures durability. The full-metal gearing ensures that power is used efficiently, so as to increase tool life. Speed-control is enabled by a parabolic switch system, while easy fitment is achieved using a 6.35mm keyless hex driver that works via a ‘drop in’ mechanism.

The 3-LED halo-like ring gives proper illumination while working in dark spaces. The thoughtful design also ensures that the user does not suffer fatigue even with repeated use in small spaces. The Li-ion battery pack allows the user to insert and remove easily via a slide mechanism and it enables to keep the tool upright. The device uses 2×1.3Ah Lithium-ion batteries. The maximum torque delivered by DeWalt DCF815S2 10.8V device is 107Nm at an impact rate of 0-3,400 BPM and 0-2,450 rpm of no-load speed.

The equipment comes with a warranty period of one year, which means that defective workmanship or parts will be replaced if they occur within one year from the day of purchase.

DeWalt DC827NDeWalt DC827N 18V Impact Driver, an industrial quality power tool, it has a compact body that allows ease-of-use even in confined spaces. The enclosed frameless motor has a durable construction and high speed, rendering as high as 150 Nm torque. The all-metal gearing construction ensures longer tool life and better power transmission. The front portion is made of aluminum and allows better heat diffusion, which in turn increases motor life. The variable speed switch and electronic motor brake are enhanced to provide operator safety. They also provide total control to set and remove fasteners, and the 6.35mm keyless hex-drive aids in changing bits swiftly and easily.

The grip and rear are coated with rubber to minimize surface vibration. Besides, the rubber coating also reduces fatigue for the user. The LED light enhances visibility while working with the device. It comes with a Nano Phosphate Lithium-ion battery pack, which lasts for 2,000 charge cycles, i.e., double the capability of NiCd or NiMH battery packs. The battery pack weighs less than the 12V NiCd and NiMH pack, but generates 18 Volt power, thus providing a definite ergonomic solution. The device is compatible with any DeWalt 18V battery pack.

The DeWalt DC827N 18V Impact Driver weighs 1.7kg and has a ¼ inch bit holder. With a load speed of 0 to 0-2,400rpm, it gives 0-2,700 impacts per minute (ipm) and power output of 250 Watts.

The Ryobi BID1201 12V Impact DriverThe Ryobi BID1201 12V Impact Driver is a compact and cost-effective impact driver constructed as a cordless model. Its size is 30 percent smaller and weight is 33 percent lesser when compared to other equivalent models. The tough design ensures durability and can be used for demanding jobs at home and in any work area. The tightening torque is 135Nm, and its high-powered design is particularly meant for heavy fixing jobs. It serves as a high-torque tool for heavy jobs demanding extra force, such as screwing lengthy bolts and screws. The ¼ inch hex chuck of Ryobi BID1201 12V device is capable of driving a maximum bolt diameter of M14.

The lightweight device provides excellent operator control, as well as safety. The over-mold body ensures soft grip and minimum vibration effects, along with handiness and convenient storage. It uses a 1×1.2Ah lithium ion battery and its charge time is forty-five minutes. Apart from a characteristic soft-grip handle to rid off fatigue, it has a magnetic bit holder and allows on-board storage of bits. With a weight of 1.2kgs, it renders 0-3,000 impacts per minute at 0-2,400 rotations per minute. The Ryobi BID1201 12V Impact Driver also comes with a tool bag.

dewalt dc825kbDeWalt DC825KB 18V is yet another example of DeWalt’s tough industrial tools that are engineered to meet a wide range of voltage requirements and tasks. It is a cordless model that incorporates several improvements, such as variable speed switch and motor brake driven by electronic mechanism. These features provide absolute control for the operator, with regard to setting, as well as removing the tool’s fasteners. The aluminum case on the front dissipates heat more effectively, so as to improve the longevity of the motor. Similarly, the longevity of the tools is ensured by the use of complete metal gearing.

The device enables the user to change bits in a fast and easy manner by using the 6.35-millimeter keyless hex drive. It uses two 2.6Ah NiMH batteries and delivers a torque of 150Nm. It provides up to 2,700 impacts per minute and up to 2,400 rotations per minute as no-load speed. The 2kg device is 146mm long and 231mm high. The whole design involves soft rubber grip features on the handle and rear, so as to relive the user from exhaustion and lessen the vibration on the surface. The compactness of DeWalt DC825KB 18V Impact Driver allows it to be used in cramped spaces and LED lights add to the convenience by illuminating the space. It comes with a neat carry case.


Makita btd140The Makita btd140 18volt LXT Impact Driver is powered by the Lithium Ion System, which is quite advantageous over the NiCad or NiMH batteries. This system allows a long run time with the battery life cycles numbering to 1400. It imparts a lightweight feature and reduces the self-discharge rate. The shock-absorption features built into the system protects the battery and the most innovative feature is the 45-minute charger that comes with the device. This feature allows it to communicate with the batteries during the charging cycle. The battery has a memory chip built into it, while the charger has a CPU chip, which assesses the data in the battery’s chip and determines the optimal charging method for the current moment.

The device weights only 3 pounds and is 5.75 inches long. It works at 2300 rpm, 3200 blows per minute and has a torque of 1280 inch-pounds. A work light is integrated into it, such that it lights up once the trigger is pulled and remains illuminated for ten seconds. The ergonomic design reduces the fatigue on the operator and the curved grip adds to the comfort. The proprietary technology of hammer and anvil consist of superior quality reinforced steel for enhanced durability.

Makita_LCT204WThe Makita lct204w 10.8v Impact Driver is a cordless tool that features lightweight and easy-to control characteristics. Whether it is used around the house or on-site jobs or at workshops, it is simple and handy. A Makita 10.8V kit consists of two powerful tools and it is a wonderful kit for carpenters, electricians and plumbers who are can utilize it to drive screws and bolts or drill holes. The device works on lithium ion batteries and is characterized by long run time and high durability, when compared to other battery technologies.

The drill driver features dual speed and allows eighteen torque adjustments and drilling modes, so as to deal with any kind of screw driving and drilling jobs. Makita claims that it can drill as high as 21 millimeters in wood and 10 millimeters in steel. Better control is enabled by a brake, the eighteen adjustable torque settings and the variable speed trigger. Another amazing feature is that it has a work light that makes it easy to work in dimly lit surroundings. The illumination lasts for a small duration after the release of the trigger. The impact driver has a 90 Nm torque and is capable of working at 3000 impacts per minute (RPM). It also features a motor brake, work light and the variable trigger.

The kit includes a dual speed drill driver, the impact driver and a pair of 10.9 volt lithium batteries. It also includes a charger and the whole kit comes in a strong case.

Makita LXT202 18V Makita LXT202 18V is a cordless device that weighs about 3.3 pounds and is capable of working at 3200 impacts per minute (IPM). It provides a torque of 1280 inch pounds. This impact driver uses the ‘hammer and anvil’ technology, a patented technology of Makita and hence, it is a mammoth advancement from other instruments in its class. The dual-speed trigger gives a high level of control and is safe on bolt heads. The bits can be changed in a jiffy, owing to its Insty-Bit all-metal hex chuck system that allows swift change of bits. The rubber-coating on the handle contributes to its ergonomic design. A pair of led lights light up the working area.

The Makita LX202 twin pack includes a cordless hammer drill which is capable of moving about 25 percent faster when compared to its competitors. It has a quadruple-pole motor that is highly efficient, giving out about 560 inch-pounds. It weighs about 4.9 pounds and also has an ergonomically designed rubber trigger, along with a forward grips and strong belt clips that are left handed or right handed.

Makita’s LXT202 pack comes with a pair of LXT lithium ion batteries and a forty-five minute charger. Both the drill and the impact driver are quite handy and the company gives a one-year warranty period for the batteries and a two-year warranty period for the tools.